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Dear Kiran.K.H,

This is just to thank you for your assistance in me getting the property at Krisha Layout.
I would particularly thank Mr.Kiran. He was very helpful and very easy to get along with.
I would definitely consider that Mr.Kiran is a good asset for you!


Antony Caselino
Posted By: Antony Caselino
Dear Ramesh,
This is to let you know that I am very happy and pleased with the services offered by your company.

Ahbijit 9989033841,
Shabana 9845415461,
Nagaraj 9901966877.
Posted By: Ahbijit, Shabana and Nagaraj
DeLetter of Appreciation

Recently I had used the services of Lauouts In Mysore. I was extremely impressed with the professional services rendered by the organisation and also with the specific work done by Mr.Charles and Ajay Das to put through the transaction.

Best regards,

Posted By: Dattatreya
Dear Kiran Roy,

I am very impressed by the professionalism and commitment displayed by your realtors.
This was in respect to a site in S.S.Layout which I purchased recently thru Layouts In Mysore.
The entire deal was handled in a very professional and smooth manner. Everthing worked like clockwork as far as this engagement was concerned.
My sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who made this possible.

Best regards,

Posted By: Anupama
Dear Charan,

It has been a wonderful experience dealing with you all!

Before coming to you, I have been frustrated in searching for properties through Net, Paper Ads and Real Estate Brokers. Most of them ended in unrealistic prices, approval issues and some encumbrances. It has been the first time, I gained some confidence that I met the right persons to end my property search.
Thanks for doing a wonderful job in bridging the gaps to complete the deal. The realtors Mr.Charan have been with me right from property enquiry till registration of the property. This has been carried out well with the expert guidance of Mr.Prashanth.
Thank you all! And I look forward to outsource any of my future property search to Layouts In Mysore!

Bhanu Prakash(Software Engineer),
Posted By: Bhanu Prakash (Software Engineer)
Dear Prashanth,

I want to thank you for the very smooth and speedy dealing for purchase of my site. The whole experience was very satisfying and I truly appreciate the customer focus and service attitude displayed through-out the transaction.

Special thanks to Kiran who is a very pleasant and customer-oriented person. I wish him all the best and success.
I would recommend services of Layouts In Mysore to my colleagues and friends who would need any real-estate help.

Best regards,
Nageshwara Rao
Posted By: Nageshwara Rao
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